Current Projects

  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining from Complex Data
    • Discovering Context-Sensitive Impact and Influence in Complex Systems
      This has been sponsored by NSF# 1633330. [Link to Project Website]
      This project is to establish the theoretical, algorithmic, and computational foundations of big data-driven Context-Sensitive Impact Discovery (CSID) in complex systems.
    • iCREDITS: interdisciplinary Center of Research Excellence in Design of Intelligent Technologies for Smartgrids
      This has been sponsored by NSF# 1345232. [Link to Project Website]
      In this sponsored project, my research focus is to design novel data mining and machine learning approaches to analyze time series data.
      [Link to the Website of Monitoring Component]
  • Managing and Searching Complex Data. [Link to Project Website]. This research direction was supported by the following award.
    • MRI: Acquisition of an Instrument for Research in Irregularly Parallel Big Data Computation.
      (Co-PI, PI: Jonathan Cook, NSF CNS-1337884, $224,074, 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2016.) [Link to Project Website].
  • REU Site: BIGDatA – Big Data Analytics for Cyber-Physical Systems
    This has been sponsored by NSF# 1559723, #1950121. [Link to Project Website]
  • Exploring Computer Science Research (eCSR)
    [Link to Project Website]

Past Projects

  • Knowledge Base for Computer Science Education
    This was supported by NSF# 1042341.
  • EDUKBCS, representing Knowledge Bases for Computer Science Education, is a knowledge base encoding information for teaching and learning Computer Science. The purpose of building this knowledge base is to promote both effective teaching and learning.
    The building of EDUKBCS is part of the Cyber-infrastructure effort for Computing Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI), which is a resource network for students, faculty, and industry partners in the area of computing.

  • Tools for animal and range science
    These tools help scientists from animal and range sciences to process their data collected using Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
    Project period: 08/2012-05/2017.
  • Astronomy solar and stellar data center
    The NMSU Solar and Stella Data Center is to establish a Data Center to manage,
    maintain, and process the enormous volume of anticipated solar and stellar data.
    Project period: 08/15/2011 – 08/14/2012.
    This project was supported by the NMSU IRG grant.

Undergraduate research/senior projects (Incomplete)

  • Smart grid monitoring tool, developed by Brett Pelkey in the period of 06/2015 – 05/2016.
    This is part of the iCREDITS research project.
  • EEGData Analysis
    Students: Arthur Borunda, Karen L. Cazares, Chaomin Ke, Frank Natividad
    Semester: Spring 2013
  • Graph visualization
    Students: Joshua Choo, Kyle Fitzpatrick, Nicole Ray
    Semester: Fall 2012

Last updated: October 23, 2019